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Establishing a sustainable nursing workforce

23 July 2010

Nursing Management


Occupational sustainability in healthcare services involves meeting the demands of a changing NHS without compromising the health and wellbeing of nurses. This...

Effect of climate change and resource scarcity on health care

09 July 2014

Nursing Standard

Arts & science

Climate change and resource scarcity pose significant threats to healthcare delivery. Nurses should develop the skills to cope with these challenges in the future....

Seeing off obstacles

21 July 2009

Nursing Standard

General article

There is a good deal more to making innovation happen than removing barriers and providing funding. Meticulous planning is key.

Nursing students’ attitudes towards sustainability and health care

17 June 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim To evaluate attitudes towards embedding sustainability and climate change in nursing curricula among nursing students, some of whom had participated in a...

A resourceful step

16 November 2010

Nursing Standard


It is 12 months since the first NHS organisations signed up to the 10:10 pledge, promising to reduce their carbon emissions by 10 per cent in the course of 2010....

Spearheading improvement

14 August 2007

Nursing Standard


Service transformation is one of the main aims of the NHS Institute. Innovation and knowledge development are firmly rooted in practice

Climate change and ecological public health

11 February 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Climate change has been identified as a serious threat to human health, associated with the sustainability of current practices and lifestyles. Nurses should expand...

Climate change: a review of potential health consequences

28 August 2015

Primary Health Care


Climate change results in increased levels of air pollution; airborne allergens; extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, typhoons, prolonged heatwaves, increased...

Managing resources and reducing waste in healthcare settings

18 May 2016

Nursing Standard


The NHS is under pressure to increase its effectiveness and productivity. Nurses are tasked with delivering effective and efficient care, as well as improving...