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The convergent validity of the manchester pain scale

01 April 2005

Emergency Nurse


Objective To test the convergent validity of the Manchester pain scale when compared to the current ‘gold standard’ in children’s pain assessment, the Oucher pain...

Pain management in drug users

23 January 2002

Nursing Standard


The injecting drug user is likely to present as an emergency hospital admission as a result of drug use, associated problems or lifestyle-related issues. Nurses are,...

A labour of love

19 April 2005

Nursing Standard

General article

Dame Lorna Muirhead retired recently after 40 years in midwifery and more than seven years as president of the Royal College of Midwives. She has seen many changes –...

Heart felt approach

28 July 2009

Nursing Standard


Although a comparatively common condition, there is only one unit in the country which specialises in care of patients with angina.

Advances in the pharmacological management of acute and chronic pain

06 June 2018

Nursing Standard


Effective management of acute and chronic pain is an important aspect of nursing practice. Relieving patients’ pain requires nurses to have an understanding of the...

Procedural pain management in patients with cancer

06 June 2018

Nursing Standard


Pain has been identified as one of the most significant factors in patients’ experience of cancer and its treatment. Pain experienced during cancer treatment...

Shoulder pain: pathogenesis, diagnosis and management

29 January 2014

Nursing Standard


Shoulder pain is a common musculoskeletal problem that can have a significant effect on people’s activities of daily living and quality of life. Nurses have a...

Safe and effective management of analgesics in patients presenting to hospital with acute illness

15 November 2018

Nursing Standard


Chronic pain affects a significant percentage of the population and is defined as pain that lasts beyond the point of healing. People presenting to hospital with...

Evidence-based management of patients with Colles’ fractures in emergency departments: a case-based critical reflection

04 December 2018

Emergency Nurse

Evidence-based practice

Distal forearm fractures are a common presentation in UK emergency departments (EDs). However, despite the frequency of this presentation there is considerable...

Collaborative working in cancer pain management

06 February 2019

Cancer Nursing Practice

Multidisciplinary teams

Despite recent attention to pain assessment and management, cancer pain remains a significant clinical problem worldwide. A total of 38% of cancer patients...