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Transcription, analysis, interpretation and translation in cross-cultural research

25 April 2019

Nurse Researcher

cultural diversity

Background A study was conducted with Malaysian nurses who had studied on an Australian or UK transnational higher education post-registration top-up nursing degree...

Enhancing the recruitment and retention of overseas nurses from Kerala, India

09 October 2018

Nursing Standard

workforce issues

In September 2016, a team of nurses from East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust (ENHT) and the University of Hertfordshire in England travelled to Kerala, India to...

Open AccessEmpowering migrants during the resettlement process: applying Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations

21 July 2020

Mental Health Practice


Background For many people, known as involuntary migrants, emigration is a last resort to escape armed conflict and persecution. Emigration may have positive...