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Suicidal behaviour among psychiatric inpatients

01 December 2010

Mental Health Practice


Deliberate self-harm is a serious issue that health professionals constantly try to prevent. This article examines the case notes and psychosocial assessments of 37...

Asperger syndrome and offending behaviour

05 November 2009

Learning Disability Practice


People with a learning disability are disproportionately over-represented in UK prisons and sometimes may not receive appropriate care and treatment. The Bradley...

Communication skills to improve clients’ experiences of hospital

07 November 2011

Learning Disability Practice


Staff face many challenges when caring for patients with a learning disability in a general hospital ward, and the author describes how clients’ confusion and...

Drug dogs on inpatient wards: problem or good practice?

01 May 2008

Mental Health Practice


By the turn of the last century anecdotal evidence was building that frontline mental health staff faced an increasing challenge to support patients with a mental...

Modernising the library service in a secure mental health setting

06 December 2012

Mental Health Practice


The charity St Andrew’s Healthcare offers a user-focused library service for its inpatients as an integral part of its recovery-based care and treatment. The library...

Delayed discharge from mental health inpatient care in the UK

01 June 2013

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Background Delayed discharge from hospital creates additional pressure on staff and finances. While legal sanctions are in place for acute trusts, the concept of a...

Meeting the needs of young people in hospital

01 November 2010

Paediatric Nursing


A critical review of the literature about the primary needs of young inpatients was conducted following principles delineated by Polit and Hungler (1997). Three were...

Self-wounding: a literature review

01 April 2003

Mental Health Practice


The act of deliberate self-wounding without suicidal intent was described as a ‘clinical paradox’ 20 years ago and little has changed (Pattison and Kahan 1983)....

Organising an inpatient psychotherapy group

01 April 2013

Mental Health Practice

Art & science

Psychotherapy groups can be established on acute inpatient wards to benefit clients and contribute to staff development. A communication group has been running for...

Protected engagement time in mental health inpatient units

27 March 2014

Nursing Management

Art & Science

Protected engagement time in mental health inpatient units is a fixed period each day during which administrative activities and visiting are suspended so that...