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Developing a social inclusion strategy for people with ongoing mental health problems

01 March 2005

Mental Health Practice


As well as the fear of the unknown, service users who move away from institutional care to begin new lives often encounter prejudice and discrimination. Theodore...

Exposure to health inequalities as a measure of outcomes

01 February 2014

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

Earlier this year, the authors, all members of the UK Learning Disability Consultant Nurse Network, completed development of the Health Equalities Framework. This...

Latent age discrimination in mental health care

01 March 2005

Mental Health Practice


The assumption, that appears to be a common one, that old age mental health is only about dementia perpetuates the invisibility of those with other severe and...

Homophobia and nursing care

29 October 1997

Nursing Standard

Mental health

It is evident that homophobia is prevalent in the UK. Oppressive legislation includes a differential in the age of consent for male heterosexual and homosexual...

spoilt for choice?

01 May 2004

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

Choice is increasingly taking centre stage of the modernisation agenda within the NHS. The contradictions and complexities inherent in such an approach become...

Does bilingual advocacy improve Bengali patients’ satisfaction with cancer services?

01 November 2006

Cancer Nursing Practice


This research aimed to establish the efficacy of introducing bilingual health advocates to Bengali cancer patients who could not speak English. Two health advocates...

Learning disability awareness training for hospital staff

01 April 2007

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

Hospitals should be accessible to everyone. As a Valuing People Support Team publication put it, ‘all means all’, and if we can get it right for people with learning...

Investigating unavoidable deaths and unequal access to health care

08 February 2011

Learning Disability Practice


In March 2010 the government announced two related initiatives to help address the health inequalities faced by people with learning disabilities in England. First,...

A nursing service for homeless people with mental health problems

01 May 2004

Mental Health Practice


The multiple problems encountered by homeless people are of increasing concern and the plight of those with mental health problems are particularly problematic. This...

Including the excluded: developing mental health in-reach in south west England

01 March 2005

Mental Health Practice


Prisoners who have been sentenced or who are on remand have been found to have higher rates of mental illness than the general population. As many as 90 per cent of...
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