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Coeliac disease: symptoms, complications and patient support

05 May 2010

Nursing Standard


Coeliac disease is an autoimmune inflammatory disease of the small intestine precipitated by ingestion of gluten in genetically susceptible individuals. Simply...

Prevalence and management of coeliac disease in people with Down’s syndrome

08 May 2018

Learning Disability Practice


People with Down’s syndrome are more likely to have additional health complications than the general population, including coeliac disease. It is important to...

The confusing condition

17 November 2009

Nursing Standard


Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition brought on by gluten in the diet. Its signs and symptoms commonly lead to misdiagnosis, leaving individuals at risk of...

Diagnosis and nursing management of coeliac disease in children

09 February 2016

Nursing Children and Young People

Art & Science

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition caused by the ingestion of gluten-containing foods and affects about 1% of children and young people in the UK. Classic...

Gluten-related disorders: symptoms, diagnosis and management

26 May 2016

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

Gluten intolerance is thought to affect many people worldwide and results in a myriad of symptoms that adversely affect quality of life. Those with an innate or...

Coeliac disease in children

05 August 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Coeliac disease is an immune-mediated systemic disorder caused by ingestion of gluten. The condition presents classically with gastrointestinal signs including...