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A practical guide to external cardiac pacing

23 January 2008

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

External (transcutaneous) pacing is a temporary means of pacing a patient’s heart during an emergency. Pulses of electrical current are delivered through the...

Assessment and treatment of patients with acute unstable bradycardia

30 January 2013

Nursing Standard

Learning Zone

Bradycardia is a slow heart rate that can lead to cardiac arrest or occur after initial resuscitation following cardiac arrest. This article provides information on...

Cardiac pacing: principles, interventions and patient support

31 January 2022

Nursing Standard


Cardiac pacing is used to treat a variety of heart rhythm irregularities or arrhythmias, most commonly bradyarrhythmia, which is characterised by an abnormally slow...

Cardiac monitoring and the use of a systematic approach in interpreting electrocardiogram rhythms

08 November 2017

Nursing Standard


Attaching a patient to a cardiac monitor and obtaining a clear electrocardiogram (ECG) trace may now be considered basic nursing skills. In line with the UK...