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Deterioration in hospital patients: early signs and appropriate actions

10 September 2008

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Early identification of clinical deterioration in hospitalised patients is important to prevent subsequent cardiopulmonary arrest and reduce mortality. Understanding...

Rate of respiration: the forgotten vital sign

10 May 2011

Emergency Nurse


Respiratory rate is an early indicator of physiological deterioration and should be recorded with other vital signs in patients who present to emergency departments....

Wisdom from tragedy

06 September 2006

Nursing Standard


Pauline Freeman’s death at Eastbourne District General Hospital in 1998 sparked widespread publicity and an inquiry. Ms Freeman’s twin sister, a former nurse,...

Critical alert

11 April 2006

Nursing Standard

Critica alert

Picking up patient problems early has reduced the number of unplanned admissions to critical care. At The London Clinic this is achieved through a scoring system and...

Powers of observation

02 November 2010

Nursing Standard

On the cover

Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has redesigned its response to inpatients who need urgent attention.