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Redefining the targets for mental illness

30 August 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical mental health

This article reviews the initiatives which have been developed in mental health services in an attempt to meet the targets set out in the government’s Health of the...

Intermediate care services for older people: a development project

01 November 2007

Mental Health Practice


It was not until the Department of Health (DH) report Intermediate Care – Moving Forward (DH 2002) was published, more than a year after the National Service...

Helping children with challenging behaviour

27 September 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical learning disabilities

Children with learning disabilities who also present severe challenging behaviour are among the most vulnerable in our society. They demand constant care,...

The thorn nurse training initiative

04 January 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical Mental Health

There has been growing concern in recent years that psychiatric community care has drifted away from clients suffering from serious mental illness, as the main focus...

Developing an integrated mental health nursing team

19 March 2003

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

A number of initiatives have been introduced in the UK and in Wales to address the growing problem of how to treat people with mental health problems in the...