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Use of closed cannulae in peripheral intravenous cannulation

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Undertaking peripheral intravenous (IV) cannulations and the management of cannulae are associated with the risk of blood leakage or spillage and blood exposure....

Peripheral cannulation

03 September 2008

Nursing Standard


This article focuses on how to undertake peripheral cannulation by providing the theoretical basis for understanding the anatomy of veins, how to improve venous...

Infectious enthusiasm

29 June 2010

Nursing Standard


A nurse specialist’s dedication and achievements in infection control have earned her a national award.

An evaluation of sharp safety intravenous cannula devices

14 December 2011

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article describes an evaluation of seven sharp safety intravenous (IV) cannula devices in six Welsh NHS hospitals and the Welsh Ambulance Service. Products...

Using the Vessel Health and Preservation framework to enhance vein assessment and vascular access device selection

12 July 2017

Nursing Standard


There is a range of risk factors that can lead to peripheral intravenous (IV) cannula failure, and several failed cannulation attempts can result in the patient...