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Open AccessMapping the landscape of knowledge synthesis

28 August 2014

Nursing Management

Art & Science

Knowledge translation is the means by which evidence-based practice is used in health care. Knowledge synthesis, a foundational element of knowledge translation, is...

Lost in translation? Undertaking transcultural qualitative research

01 April 2007

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

If nurses are to undertake rigorous transcultural research, they must take account of the cultural and linguistic diversity of the countries in which they propose to...

Lessons learned about art-based approaches for disseminating knowledge

01 September 2013

Nurse Researcher

Arts-based research

Aim To present a case example of using an arts-based approach and the development of an art exhibit to disseminate research findings from a narrative research study....

Mission to explain

10 October 2006

Nursing Standard


Lack of information adds to the fear of cancer for people from black and minority ethnic groups. Rose Thompson is making a difference.

Lost in translation

07 November 2006

Nursing Standard


Although there are large numbers of people in the UK who are hearing-impaired or cannot speak English, signing and translation services in the NHS are all too often...