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Innovations in research dissemination: research participants sharing stories at a conference

26 November 2019

Nurse Researcher

research impact

Background The dissemination of findings is a crucial part of research. There are many forms of dissemination and audiences differ depending on the focus of the...

Exchanging focus groups for individual interviews when collecting qualitative data

11 April 2019

Nurse Researcher

Data collection

Background Focus group data are created through interactions between participants whereas data from individual interviews are created through a dialogue between the...

Strategies for balancing internal and external validity in evaluations of interventions

03 October 2019

Nurse Researcher

Clinical trials

Background Evaluations of interventions should be carefully designed and conducted to maintain a balance between internal and external validity, with the dual goal...

Narrative research methods with vulnerable people: sharing insights

05 December 2019

Nurse Researcher

narrative enquiry

Background Families with hereditary illnesses have complex and unique experiences that are important for nurses to understand. In New Zealand, a Maori family...

Evaluation of the burdens and benefits of participation in research by parents of children with life-limiting illnesses

24 July 2019

Nurse Researcher

end of life

Background Research is needed to improve care and diminish suffering for children with life-limiting illnesses and their parents. However, there are doubts about...

Ethical challenges in accessing participants at a research site

09 January 2020

Nurse Researcher

study participation

Background One of the main requirements of qualitative research is to obtain access to participants. Researchers rely on gatekeepers for access to study sites and...