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The role of computer software in presenting information

09 July 2009

Nursing Management


An ability to communicate ideas and concepts is a key skill for senior nurses, and many use presentation software to help them do this. However, there is evidence...

NVivo 8 and consistency in data analysis: reflecting on the use of a qualitative data analysis program

15 April 2011

Nurse Researcher


Aim Qualitative data analysis is a complex process and demands clear thinking on the part of the analyst. However, a number of deficiencies may obstruct the research...

Lessons in how to quit

17 March 2009

Nursing Standard


Today is No Smoking Day and school nurses are at the forefront of helping students to quit.

Examining knowledge of lifestyle risk factors among adult cancer survivors in Ireland

08 March 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice

Evidence & practice

Aim Many cancers are preventable through lifestyle modification. The aim of this study was to investigate knowledge about the lifestyle risk factors for cancer,...