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Strategies to prevent restraint-related deaths

05 April 2012

Mental Health Practice


The prevention and therapeutic management of violence in mental health care and the risks and precautions associated with the use of physical restraint need to be...

Open AccessOC30 – Fracture reduction with nitrous oxide at the children’s emergency department shortens the length of stay and reduces the use of full anaesthesia in the operating department

09 May 2016

Nursing Children and Young People


Theme: Accreditation and quality improvement. Aim: Dislocated fractures are common in the children’s emergency department (ER). All forms of fracture reduction are...

Benefits of quiet time interventions in the intensive care unit: a literature review

21 March 2018

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

Sleep disturbance is a significant issue for patients in intensive care units (ICUs), which can affect their health and recovery from illness. Therefore, it is...

van Manen’s method and reduction in a phenomenological hermeneutic study

18 March 2015

Nurse Researcher


Aim To describe van Manen’s method and concept of reduction in a study that used a phenomenological hermeneutic approach. Background Nurse researchers have used van...

Turn the volume down

10 November 2009

Nursing Standard


Patient feedback about noise levels in a critical care unit led to a project investigating how they can be reduced.

Providing positive behaviour support to improve a client’s quality of life

04 August 2017

Learning Disability Practice

Evidence & practice

This case study describes how residential accommodation and day service staff worked together to provide good quality, positive behaviour support to eliminate the...

Physical interventions: hiding in plain sight

28 November 2016

Learning Disability Practice

Evidence & practice

The 2014 launch of Positive and Proactive Care: Reducing the Need for Restrictive Interventions by the Department of Health (DH) in England was a landmark event. It...

Witnessing violence: what are the experiences of mental health nurses?

Mental Health Practice

evidence & practice

Mental health nurses in the UK are ten times more likely to be assaulted than general nurses. Research on this is increasing, but evidence on the effects of violence...

Methodological and hermeneutic reduction – a study of Finnish multiple-birth families

14 July 2015

Nurse Researcher


Aim To describe reduction as a method in methodological and hermeneutic reduction and the hermeneutic circle using van Manen’s principles, with the empirical example...

Levels of reduction in van Manen’s phenomenological hermeneutic method: an empirical example

15 May 2015

Nurse Researcher


Aim To describe reduction as a method using van Manen’s phenomenological hermeneutic research approach. Background Reduction involves several levels that can be...