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Application of summative content analysis to a postal questionnaire

22 January 2016

Nurse Researcher

Content analysis

Background Content analysis of replies to closed questions in questionnaires can be undertaken to understand remarks that may explain the responses, provide...

Using cluster analysis to explore survey data

01 October 2007

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

According to Beckstead (2002), ‘cluster analysis is a generic name for a wide variety of methods or procedures that can be used to create a classification. These...

Doing things differently: advantages and disadvantages of web questionnaires

01 July 2008

Nurse Researcher


The use of questionnaires as a method of data collection in research is well established, with the benefits and drawbacks of using such a method extensively debated...

Electronic surveys: how to maximise success

24 January 2014

Nurse Researcher

Data collection

Aim To draw on the researchers’ experience of developing and distributing a UK-wide electronic survey. The evolution of electronic surveys in healthcare research...

Factors to consider in designing a patient satisfaction survey

26 November 2011

Nursing Management


This article discusses how a bespoke questionnaire for patients admitted to an acute medical unit was developed to assess satisfaction levels. A postal survey was...

Attitudes towards caring for older people: findings and recommendations for practice

01 May 2013

Nursing Older People

Art & Science

Aim To investigate the attitudes of healthcare professionals towards working with older people, including their perception of how other professionals perceived their...

Developing and testing attitude scales around IT

01 October 2009

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

Information technology (IT) is an integral component of the healthcare delivery arsenal. However, not all professionals are happy or comfortable with such...

Collaborative services show positive outcomes for end of life care

01 November 2013

Nursing Management

Art & Science

The authors outline the benefits of participating in the Transforming End of Life Care in Acute Hospitals Programme. The article describes the introduction at...

Surveys and questionnaires in nursing research

17 June 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Surveys and questionnaires are often used in nursing research to elicit the views of large groups of people to develop the nursing knowledge base. This article...