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Suicide prevention in primary care: taking a risk and saving lives

29 March 2017

Primary Health Care

Evidence & practice

Torbay council’s public health department has audited suicides since 2009. With the support of the local coroner, this has produced a wealth of information that has...

A study exploring the protean responses of nurses transitioning to primary healthcare

23 January 2017

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background Healthcare systems are faced with changing community health profiles and ageing populations. Together with economic considerations, these factors have...

Assessing self-reported risk-behaviours of adults presenting to a minor injuries unit

29 August 2017

Primary Health Care

Evidence & practice

The health quality of people in Portsmouth is below the English average (Public Health England 2015), with a high rate of non-accidental premature deaths and...

The evolution of the NHS cervical screening programme

Primary Health Care

evidence & practice

The NHS Cervical Screening Programme continues to make improvements in response to scientific research and technical advances. This article details the history of...

Working together to achieve better outcomes for patients with heart failure

26 March 2018

Primary Health Care

Evidence & practice

The prevalence of long-term health conditions is increasing as the population ages. Resources are limited and costs are increasing. Patients are often elderly with...

Managing cow’s milk protein allergy in primary care

18 September 2018

Primary Health Care

Infant feeding

Allergy to cow’s milk protein represents a significant burden for babies, their families and the healthcare system. Primary care practitioners are ideally placed to...