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How nursing students can be empowered by reflective practice

01 June 2013

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Reflective practice is seen as an important skill to develop because it enables a nurse to become self-aware and provide the best possible patient care. This article...

Landing the job: A guide to successful transition

28 August 2014

Nursing Management


Personal development plans (PDPs) guide individuals in personal and professional career enhancement (Bullock and Jamieson 1998). While formats vary, the key...

Do not resuscitate: reflections on an ethical dilemma

25 July 2007

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This is a reflective account of an ethical dilemma encountered while on placement on a cardiology ward. Reflection is a process which allows practitioners to reveal...

Keeping support and clinical supervision on your agenda

28 November 2018

Nursing Management

supervisory relationships

Support and clinical supervision can benefit staff and service users. Inquiries have highlighted lack of support and clinical supervision as potential contributory...

Reflection and personal learning

14 June 2018

Nursing Management

team learning

Part one of this six-part continuing professional development series considered the role of nurse managers in supporting reflection for professional learning. It was...

How to reflect on clinical practice

24 June 2024

Nursing Standard

How to

Rationale and key points This ‘How to’ article explains how to reflect on clinical practice using reflection-on-action and a reflective model to help ensure the...

Using personal narrative to deepen emotional awareness of practice

13 August 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Storytelling is intrinsic to human beings, and stories can explain events, stances taken and actions engaged in. When experience is represented as story it can...

Presentation skills for nurses

18 February 2015

Nursing Standard


This article emphasises the importance of effective presentation skills. Such skills allow nurses to share knowledge and expertise and to communicate clearly in a...

Investigating the factors that influence Iranian nurses’ workplace happiness

09 February 2021

Nursing Management

Staff development

Background Employees who describe themselves as happy in their work are more likely to be motivated to fulfil their professional duties. Therefore, it is important...

Establishing an advanced care academy and its role in advanced practitioner development

28 August 2019

Nursing Management


Advanced clinical practice (ACP) roles evolved to fill gaps in healthcare provision and improve consistency in standards of care. Historically, variance in service...