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The essence of nursing

24 February 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

In the first of two articles, Alison Kitson outlines the fundamental elements of nursing, and how they should be protected and communicated. She argues that having...

Developing a new generation of nurse entrepreneurs

06 April 2005

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article reviews the policy implications associated with the creation of nurse entrepreneurs, the levels of progress achieved and the major obstacles to...

District nursing around the world

01 October 2009

Primary Health Care


The 150th anniversary of district nursing is a good time to re-examine some of the historic material relating to its pioneers. The system of district nursing spread...

Who do you think you are?

01 April 2009

Cancer Nursing Practice


This article examines the findings of a survey of readers of RCN Publishing specialist nursing journals, which cover fields such as cancer, gerontology and emergency...

Mental health nursing: sleepwalking towards oblivion?

23 July 2008

Mental Health Practice


Mental health nursing (MHN) has a rich heritage in the UK and has carved a unique niche for itself within the wider nursing profession. It seems impossible to...

From theory to practice: capturing the uniqueness of nursing

01 February 2006

Nursing Older People


This article describes a research study that explored the informal practice theories of nurses working with older people and the sources of those theories, and...

Rehabilitation in nursing homes

01 June 2001

Nursing Older People


Rehabilitation is a key concept in the government’s plans to modernise the NHS. Its aim is to restore a person’s autonomy, although there are sometimes barriers to...

SHARP practice: joining up care giving and record keeping

01 December 2003

Nursing Older People


Registered nurses (RNs) and care assistants (CAs) do not enjoy or value record keeping. The reason usually given for poor records is lack of time but this can be an...

The essence of nursing: part II

03 March 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & science research

In the second of two articles examining the essence of nursing, Alison Kitson examines what it might look like in practice. The first part was published in last...

Developing outcome indicators in continuing care: part 1

07 August 1996

Nursing Standard

Nursing older people

Defining nursing has always been problematic, but the need to do so has become increasingly urgent. In the current healthcare climate, with the emphasis on cost...