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Vignettes to assess healthcare staff perceptions of risk

01 January 2008

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS), now in its sixth decade, has seen rapid advances in medical devices used in the diagnosis, therapy and treatment of patients....

Storytelling in risk management

01 April 2010

Nurse Researcher


The safe and competent use of complex medical devices requires training for healthcare staff, and external assurance standards require hospital trusts to provide...

Infection control legislation for medical devices

05 December 2007

Nursing Standard


Medical devices play an important role in the provision of patient care, particularly in intensive care units, accident and emergency departments and operating...

Implementing equipment guidance in the community

01 April 2004

Paediatric Nursing


Nebulised compressors are commonly used in the treatment of cystic fibrosis. Regimens vary: some children require nebulised antibiotics while others require...

An evaluation of two subcutaneous infusion devices in children receiving palliative care

01 May 2006

Paediatric Nursing


Children and young people with advanced cancer frequently have a central venous access device (central line) in place which can be used for intravenous medication...

The BLEED pilot study: determining the usability of a medical device before the clinical trial

14 September 2015

Nurse Researcher

Clinical trials

Aim To discuss the methods of a study which will aim to determine the usability of a medical device not yet approved for use in a clinical trial. Background The...