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The construction of context-mechanisms-outcomes in realistic evaluation

14 January 2015

Nurse Researcher

Aggression management

Aim To discuss the construction of context-mechanisms-outcomes (CMOs) developed as part of a realistic evaluation study of two aggression management training...

The beauty of silence

29 August 2006

Nursing Standard

General article

The distractions around us are not the only things that prevent deep listening. Putting ourselves aside can be a vital means of connecting with another.

A major brainwave

08 February 2011

Nursing Standard


New research is shedding light on the underlying mechanisms of multiple sclerosis. New treatments may become available as a result.

Feelgood factors

19 June 2007

Nursing Standard

General article

As part of our Insight series we asked readers to tell us about their working lives. Many of those who responded are still motivated by a love for the job, but...