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Body mass index and alternative approaches to taking measurements

09 April 2010

Learning Disability Practice


The measurement of body mass index (BMI) is an important means of assessing the incidence of disease potential, but it should be used with caution and in conjunction...

Measuring temperature

04 June 2008

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Temperature measurement is an essential clinical skill and is recognised as being an important indicator in assessing the course of an illness. This article...

Pain assessment and cognitive impairment: part 1

01 December 2004

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

People with cognitive impairment are often unable to inform others of their pain. Nurses need to be able to assess pain in cognitively impaired adults so that...

Pain assessment and cognitive impairment: part 2

08 December 2004

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim To evaluate the use of a tool for pain assessment in cognitively impaired adults. Method A multi-dimensional tool was implemented and evaluated in relation to...

Using the Oucher Scale

01 April 2001

Paediatric Nursing


A long-standing issue within paediatric pain management has been the difficulty of objectively assessing pain in children (Zacharias and Watts 1998). Some of the...

Tympanic thermometry–normal temperature and reliability

09 July 2009

Paediatric Nursing

A&S Science

Aim Clinical measurements such as temperature are commonly used for screening and diagnosis. However, little is known about the reliability of specific thermometers...

Treatment of superficial wounds and management of associated pain

01 May 2008

Primary Health Care


Superficial wounds usually result from trauma and can be extremely painful. This article discusses the treatment of superficial wounds as well as the assessment and...

The convergent validity of the manchester pain scale

01 April 2005

Emergency Nurse


Objective To test the convergent validity of the Manchester pain scale when compared to the current ‘gold standard’ in children’s pain assessment, the Oucher pain...

Introduction of a pain assessment tool in a cancer centre: an action research approach

01 September 2002

Cancer Nursing Practice


The aim of this research project was to develop and pilot a pain assessment tool in clinical practice. This tool should assist nurses to assess pain, plan and...

Public Sector Scorecard

26 September 2009

Nursing Management


This article identifies how performance measurement can achieve the greatest number of benefits with the smallest number of drawbacks.