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Promoting good nutrition in patients with dementia

26 March 2008

Nursing Standard


This article aims to raise awareness of good nutrition, the specific nutritional needs of individuals with dementia and the importance and implementation of...

Challenges in delivering effective palliative care to people with dementia

06 December 2012

Mental Health Practice


This literature review surveys palliative care received by people with dementia, and identifies challenges and barriers to its delivery. These include communication...

How acute care managers can support patients with dementia

26 May 2012

Nursing Management


Not all hospital staff have had training in dementia care. This article describes how nurse managers in acute settings can prepare them to manage patients with...

A nurse manager’s guide to support patients with dementia

29 July 2012

Nursing Older People

A&S Science

Nurses may not have received training to care for patients with dementia. This article explores how nurse managers in acute settings can prepare nurses to manage...

Navigating the grounded theory terrain. Part 2

21 October 2011

Nurse Researcher


Aim In this paper, the choice of classic grounded theory will be discussed and justified in the context of the first author’s PhD research. Background The...

Person-centred communication in dementia care

11 November 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Communication involves the exchange of information between at least two people, a giver and a receiver. If left unaddressed, communication difficulties may have a...

VERA framework: communicating with people who have dementia

09 November 2011

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article presents a communication framework, devised by the authors, that could be used by healthcare professionals who come into contact with people who have...

Exploring merits of recovery model for mental health nursing in Scotland

Mental Health Practice

evidence & practice

Recovery-focused mental health nursing care has been at the forefront of mental health strategic development in Scotland since the 2006 Scottish Government report on...

Evaluation of a dementia care learning programme

31 October 2014

Nursing Older People

Art & Science

This article reports on an evaluation of the Dementia Services Development Centre’s Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme for hospitals, care homes...

When the memories fade

21 April 2009

Nursing Standard


The government’s strategy for dementia care is widely welcomed, but there are questions about its funding and implementation.