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Role of peer support workers in care services for young people

27 June 2014

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

The employment of peer support workers by mental health organisations is becoming increasingly common in the UK and internationally. The children and young people’s...

Age-appropriate care environments for children and young people

01 October 2010

Mental Health Practice


This article discusses amendments to the Mental Health Act 1983 intended to prevent young people being admitted to adult mental health wards.

A new vision for RCN forums

01 October 2009

Paediatric Nursing


An overhaul of the forums at the Royal College of Nursing has led to the creation of a reconfigured children and young people’s field of practice. Ways of working,...

Identifying the needs of children and young people affected by parental mental illness

20 April 2018

Mental Health Practice


Children and young people affected by parental mental illness are recognised as being at risk of experiencing mental health problems themselves. This review explores...

The role of assistant practitioner for children and young people

27 October 2012

Nursing Management


Research in the adult health sector shows that the assistant practitioner (AP) role, at band 4 (Skills for Health Expert Paper 2011), has been a useful addition to...

Working in a youth offending team: the learning disability nurse’s role

03 June 2009

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article highlights the importance of learning disability nurses’ skills to youth offending teams. Through the use of a case study, it explains why this role is...

Tackling homophobic attitudes and bullying in youth settings

30 April 2010

Paediatric Nursing


This article offers practical guidance on how to tackle homophobia in all settings for young people. It provides advice on tackling homophobic attitudes and bullying...

Treatment of idiopathic constipation in children and young people

03 September 2010

Primary Health Care


New guidelines on childhood constipation outline the importance of recognising the symptoms of constipation at an early stage. Underlying causes should be identified...

The significant effects of childhood cancer on siblings

11 May 2012

Cancer Nursing Practice

A&S Science

Each year in the UK about 1,500 children are diagnosed with cancer. While survival rates have improved, about one fifth will die as a result of the disease. The...

Reducing harmful sexual behaviour in adolescents

01 October 2013

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

Children and young people with learning disabilities are over-represented among perpetrators and victims of sexual offences. This article describes how a group...