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Bracketing – practical considerations in Husserlian phenomenological research

01 January 2010

Nurse Researcher


Nursing research leans heavily towards naturalism, with phenomenology commonly adopted. The three main schools of phenomenology used are Husserl’s descriptive...

Using a reflective diary to develop bracketing skills during a phenomenological investigation

01 July 2004

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

Phenomenology has become an increasingly popular research approach within nursing over the last 25 years. Its roots are within the philosophical movement, and Edmund...

Research philosophy and Socrates: rediscovering the birth of phenomenology

01 October 2008

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

The number of phenomenological studies published in nursing journals is rising, perhaps because phenomenology provides answers to or insights into important...

Bracketing as a skill in conducting unstructured qualitative interviews

18 March 2015

Nurse Researcher

Interviewing in qualitative research

Aim To provide an overview of bracketing as a skill in unstructured qualitative research interviews. Background Researchers affect the qualitative research process....

Developing authentic mental health nursing research and practice

10 December 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Throughout a project to research therapeutic relationships between women with anorexia and their care workers the author kept a reflexive account of the research,...

Conducting qualitative longitudinal research using interpretative phenomenological analysis

24 September 2014

Nurse Researcher

Minimising bias

Aim To discuss the methodological and epistemological challenges experienced when conducting a longitudinal interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) of...