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Defining role models for staff orientation

15 November 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical clinical supervision

This article examines the need for a formal role model to help integrate new staff within a unit. While acknowledging the range of titles and functions ascribed to...

Mentoring and the value of observation

01 March 2005

Nursing Management


GOOD MENTORS know when and how to use their own experience and skills to support the staff they are mentoring. But judgements about the capabilities of those being...

Clinical supervision: the Cartmel NDU experience

18 March 1998

Nursing Standard

Professional development

Implementing clinical supervision is now seen as a critical element in the provision of safe and accountable practice. In 1994, Moores suggested that the time had...

Clinical supervision for nurse lecturers

08 April 1998

Nursing Standard


Useful and clear definitions of supervision are difficult to discover. However, Atherton (1986) provided a concise and comprehensible definition by stating that...

The introduction of mentorship to Project 2000 in Wales

13 March 1996

Nursing Standard


This study focused upon the introduction of mentors in the Common Foundation Programme (CFP) of Project 2000 (UKCC 1986) in Wales. It was commissioned by the...

How to use models of clinical supervision in practice

10 April 1996

Nursing Standard

Professional development

Many staff are currently grappling with the introduction of clinical supervision for all qualified nurses and health visitors. Clinical supervision gained recent...

The nurse lecturer’s role in mentoring the mentors

25 October 2000

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim This article reports on the results of a survey conducted early in 1999 investigating the effectiveness of current arrangements for mentor preparation and...

The shadowing experience for nursing students

30 November 2005

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The shadowing scheme supports nursing students in learning how to manage and identify the characteristics of good leadership. Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust...

Development of a practice learning team in the clinical setting

26 April 2006

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article demonstrates how an action learning approach was used to implement and develop a practice learning team in a clinical setting. The team linked a higher...

Supporting mentors in practice

06 June 2007

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article describes one university’s efforts to provide support for mentors in clinical practice by introducing learning community education advisers. It outlines...
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