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Reflective practice: implementing theory

09 August 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical reflective practice

Last week, we looked at the theories and models of reflective practice, in a continuing education article. This week, we present a practical example of the...

Learning to lead: part 2

01 March 2006

Nursing Management


LEADERSHIP USED to be most often associated with solitary heroic figures, usually men, who were considered to be the inspirations behind organisations, military...

From theory to practice: capturing the uniqueness of nursing

01 February 2006

Nursing Older People


This article describes a research study that explored the informal practice theories of nurses working with older people and the sources of those theories, and...

The essence of nursing: part II

03 March 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & science research

In the second of two articles examining the essence of nursing, Alison Kitson examines what it might look like in practice. The first part was published in last...

Developing outcome indicators in continuing care: part 1

07 August 1996

Nursing Standard

Nursing older people

Defining nursing has always been problematic, but the need to do so has become increasingly urgent. In the current healthcare climate, with the emphasis on cost...

Developing outcome indicators in continuing care: part 2

14 August 1996

Nursing Standard

Nursing older people

The identification of the contribution of registered nurses to any given situation requires the nurse to be able to reflect on practice. To do this effectively, you...

Nursing theory and the delivery of compassionate care

10 February 2016

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Compassionate care is a priority in current healthcare policy. However, its definition is amorphous, leading to difficulties standardising it in practice. This...

Developing nursing care plans

24 February 2016

Nursing Standard


This article aims to enhance nurses’ understanding of nursing care plans, reflecting on the past, present and future use of care planning. This involves...