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Cancer survivorship: living with or beyond cancer

04 September 2009

Cancer Nursing Practice


An estimated two million people in the UK are living with or beyond cancer – they are cancer ‘survivors’. The disease is no longer a death sentence but a chronic...

How tailored information is used to help patients who have survived cancer

07 October 2010

Cancer Nursing Practice


There are an estimated two million cancer survivors in the UK, many living with the long-term consequences of treatment. The information needs of this patient group...

Transition from child to adult services for young people with cancer

07 February 2013

Nursing Children and Young People

Art & Science

Cancers differ between children and adults, and young people who have survived malignant disease still need to mature into adulthood. Care pathways during transition...

Hope is key to recovery

11 January 2011

Nursing Standard


With increasing numbers of people surviving cancer, there is a need to focus on how they can be supported once they have completed treatment