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Bitter Sweet sympathy: staff support after violence

01 July 1998

Mental Health Practice


The recent publication of clinical practice guidelines on the management of violence by the Royal College of Psychiatrists has highlighted once again the need to...

Forum to help staff deal with day-to-day stress

24 July 2011

Nursing Management


Schwartz Center Rounds® were piloted by the King’s Fund in 2009 and other hospital trusts have now taken up the concept. The rounds provide a forum for staff to...

Inspiring start

30 August 2005

Nursing Standard


This is the Year of the Volunteer and in one hospital many volunteers go on to become nurses, thanks to the help and support they get from Terry Owen and her...

Witnessing violence: what are the experiences of mental health nurses?

Mental Health Practice

evidence & practice

Mental health nurses in the UK are ten times more likely to be assaulted than general nurses. Research on this is increasing, but evidence on the effects of violence...