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Psychiatric intensive care: a developing specialty

08 April 1998

Nursing Standard

Mental health

Psychiatric intensive care units (PICUs) fulfil a role analogous to the intensive care/ intensive therapy units familiar in general hospitals. Lehane and Rees...

Implementing a community group on an adolescent psychiatric intensive care unit

01 February 2003

Mental Health Practice


Historically, psychiatric intensive care units (PICUs) have been referred to as a ‘dumping ground’ for a diverse and challenging patient group (Ford and Whiffin...

The national multidisciplinary psychiatric intensive care group: origins and future plans

01 November 1997

Mental Health Practice


Throughout the history of mental health care, the methods of managing patients who demonstrate disturbed and aggressive behaviour have always been important and...

The benefits of therapeutic writing in acute psychiatric units

Mental Health Practice

evidence & practice

This article outlines the flexible approach developed by a writing practitioner when leading therapeutic writing groups in four psychiatric units at one NHS trust....

Use of seclusion in psychiatric intensive care units

09 April 2015

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

This literature review aims to discover the factors that influence staff working on psychiatric intensive care units (PICUs) to implement seclusion. Identifying...

Implementing positive behavioural support in a forensic psychiatric intensive care unit: addressing the barriers

17 July 2018

Mental Health Practice

positive behavioural support

Positive behavioural support (PBS) is a non-aversive, preventive approach to behavioural management. The use of proactive approaches such as PBS has been suggested...