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Behaviour nurse therapy in forensic mental health

01 December 1997

Mental Health Practice


The Caswell Clinic is a 33-bedded medium secure unit which offers inpatient and outpatient care and treatment to clients referred from the criminal justice system,...

Evaluation of Safewards in forensic mental health: a response

11 May 2017

Mental Health Practice

Evidence & practice

Safewards is a multimodal intervention aimed at reducing conflict and containment events in inpatient psychiatric settings. It has been implemented worldwide despite...

Evaluation of safewards in forensic mental health

10 May 2016

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Background Safewards is a multicomponent, evidence-based conflict and containment reduction intervention that has demonstrated effectiveness in general acute mental...

Assessing organisational core values in a medium secure forensic unit

09 March 2017

Mental Health Practice

Evidence & practice

This article discusses a survey aimed at identifying staff views on the core values in place at a medium secure forensic service unit, which provides specialist...

How working with a community arts project benefits service users

01 May 2013

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

With the aid of a grant, links were developed between a medium secure forensic mental health service in South Wales and a community arts project. It provided nine,...

Nurses’ views on reflective practice sessions in a medium secure unit

12 July 2017

Mental Health Practice

Evidence & practice

Aim Reflective practice is essential in the development of autonomous, critical and advanced practitioners, and can positively affect nurses at all levels. This...

Supporting role

09 April 2008

Nursing Standard


Our nursing expertise series ends with a look at a nurse consultant in forensic mental health care

Implementing positive behavioural support in a forensic psychiatric intensive care unit: addressing the barriers

17 July 2018

Mental Health Practice

positive behavioural support

Positive behavioural support (PBS) is a non-aversive, preventive approach to behavioural management. The use of proactive approaches such as PBS has been suggested...