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Involving patients in service improvement

03 March 2010

Nursing Management


This article describes the experiences of two multidisciplinary teams that took part in a national initiative to improve care through the implementation of research...

Farewell LINks – hello Health Watch

06 July 2011

Primary Health Care


Health Watch England and Local Health Watch will be the two organisations overseeing quality of primary care services under the government’s proposals. This article...

An intervention for people with learning disabilities and epilepsy

02 March 2015

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

Epilepsy is relatively common in people with learning disabilities, and can be complex and refractory to treatment, with negative effects on quality of life and...

Nurses’ role in liaising between patients and service providers

24 July 2011

Nursing Management


Patient and public involvement (PPI) has become part of the UK’s health and social care system and is promoted as a necessary component of a modern NHS that is...

Using enter-and-view provision to review hospital nutritional care

27 June 2011

Nursing Management


Local involvement network (LINk) representatives can enter health or social care services to view the quality of the service provided. In late 2010, South...

To what extent can people with communication difficulties contribute to health research?

09 January 2013

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

Aim To present an approach to involving people with communication disorders in research. Background Patient and public involvement (PPI) is promoted at all stages of...

Involving patients and the public in research

01 July 2013

Nurse Researcher

Partnership working

Aim To present the actions taken by the Scottish Dementia Clinical Research Network (SDCRN) to comply with Scotland’s National Dementia Strategy (SNDS) on patient...

Power to the people

09 December 2008

Nursing Standard

General article

Nurses are being encouraged to join their Local Involvement Network to hold NHS and social care services to account.

Patient participation adds up

09 July 2010

Primary Health Care


Gathering information is not just about consulting patient groups. There are many things that count as patient participation, and big or small practices can do these...

Why bother about user engagement?

05 March 2010

Primary Health Care


Patients do not find it easy to have a say in how primary health care is run, nor do they seem to be pushing to do so. This article looks at what needs to be done to...