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Understanding the lives of older gay people

01 September 2006

Nursing Older People

Gerontological care and practice

Ten research articles were examined with the aim of increasing our understanding of the lives of older gay people. It is clear from the literature that nurses must...

What’s wrong with me? Coming to terms with same sex attraction

29 October 2011

Nursing Children and Young People


Many, if not all, young people question what is wrong with them when they begin to realise that they are attracted to people of the same sex. This can be because of...

Homophobia and nursing care

29 October 1997

Nursing Standard

Mental health

It is evident that homophobia is prevalent in the UK. Oppressive legislation includes a differential in the age of consent for male heterosexual and homosexual...

Healthcare for lesbians: attitudes and experiences

30 July 1997

Nursing Standard


The incidence of homosexuality in women has been reported to be from 2 to 12 per cent of the female population (Hall 1978, Olesker and Walsh 1984, Robertson 1992)....

Same-sex attraction: a model to aid nurses’ understanding

01 December 2009

Paediatric Nursing


Young people attracted to people of their own sex are at risk of bullying and discrimination. It is often difficult for them to find support. Either emotionally or...

Service users’ perspectives on sex and sexuality

02 February 2015

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

Background People with intellectual disabilities have the same sexual needs as the rest of the population, but find the expression of sexuality complex. Methodology...