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Clinical skills laboratories: teaching practical nursing

05 June 1996

Nursing Standard


This article describes the development and subsequent use of a clinical skills laboratory in one school of nursing and midwifery. it aims to allow students more time...

Referencing academic assignments

24 March 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

External examiners often identify inaccurate referencing as a weakness in scripts submitted for assessment. This article explores the main aspects of referencing,...

Using workshops to implement supervision

06 September 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical clinical supervision

There has been a plethora of recent literature about clinical supervision and testaments to its worth (1,2). Bishop (3) identified the need ‘to get on with it’ and...

Developing the nurse’s role in the care of older people

01 June 2006

Nursing Older People


A new model of care is being introduced at Wharfedale Hospital, Leeds. The ‘Whafedale model’ allows suitably trained nurses to assess, diagnose and deliver care to...

Teaching practical skills: a guide for preceptors

09 April 1997

Nursing Standard

Nurse education

Nursing is about doing as well as knowing. There is concern that while nurses qualifying under the 1992 programmes of education possess greater theoretical knowledge...

The reflective diary: an aid to practice-based learning

17 December 1997

Nursing Standard

Professional development

This article explores the use of reflective learning diaries in conjunction with a modified form of the Benner assessment tool (Benner 1984). The authors describe a...

Raising the profile of nursing: how to organise a study day

03 June 1998

Nursing Standard

Professional development

Nursing skills are an integral part of effective health care, yet the profession has had to work extremely hard to gain recognition for its contribution to patient...

Moving branches

31 March 1999

Nursing Standard


THE PROJECT 2000 initiative led to a number of radical changes in the educational preregistration programmes. Nurses now qualify with a higher education diploma in...

Group discussions in nursing education: a learning process

24 July 1996

Nursing Standard


PREPARATION FOR LEARNING IN A GROUP Group work is an opportunity for sharing ideas, literature, research and initiatives in practice. The learning encounter is...

The introduction of mentorship to Project 2000 in Wales

13 March 1996

Nursing Standard


This study focused upon the introduction of mentors in the Common Foundation Programme (CFP) of Project 2000 (UKCC 1986) in Wales. It was commissioned by the...