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Mental health emergencies: using a structured assessment framework

09 March 2012

Emergency Nurse


People who have mental health crises while attending emergency departments (EDs) require immediate assessment and management, and ED staff must be prepared to meet...

Prevention and treatment of obesity in adults with learning disabilities

01 April 2012

Learning Disability Practice


People with learning disabilities experience health inequalities and are at greater risk than the general population of developing problems associated with an...

Providing streamlined multiagency care for high-intensity users of mental health and emergency services

24 May 2018

Mental Health Practice

reducing use of emergency services

Mental health service users often use emergency services and emergency departments (EDs) at a higher rate than the average member of the public. It has been proposed...

The effectiveness of crisis resolution home treatment

05 July 2012

Mental Health Practice


The crisis resolution home treatment team and day treatment services in Bromley reviewed their provision delivered over one year. Together with teams in Bexley and...