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Shock: types, classifications and explorations of their physiological effects

01 May 2001

Emergency Nurse


This article provides a comprehensive review of the classifications and types of shock that can occur following trauma, surgery, organ damage/disease (neurogenic,...

Intuitive eating for a healthy weight

01 November 2013

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

Many dieters eventually end up weight cycling (yo-yo dieting) or overweight. This paradox may partly be explained by a chemical response to a disturbance in weight...

Fluid balance

07 July 2010

Learning Disability Practice


The author describes the signs, symptoms, causes and results of problems with the amount of fluid in the body. Monitoring fluid balance is particularly important...

Introduction to the life sciences series and homeostasis

04 July 2012

Nursing Standard

A&S Science

The aim of this series is to examine the life sciences in the context of clinical nursing practice and explore the basic structure and function of the human body....