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Priorities and challenges in the care of teenagers and young adults

09 February 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice


This article focuses on priorities and challenges for practitioners working with teenage and young adult (TYA) patients aged 16 to 24 years old in the UK. It...

The benefits of involving young patients in service development

08 April 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice


The NHS Cancer Plan (Department of Health 2000) advocated patient user groups as a means of patient and public involvement in health services and service...

Strategies to encourage healthy eating among children and young adults

27 May 2014

Primary Health Care


There is a need for children and young people to improve their diets to meet recommended targets for fat, sugar, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Yet, efforts to...

Role of specialist liaison nurses in caring for young adults

10 November 2015

Cancer Nursing Practice

Art & Science

As the needs of teenagers and young adults (TYAs) with cancer are complex and different to those of children and adults it is crucial to have age-appropriate...

Improving quality of life for patients during and after cancer

07 April 2014

Cancer Nursing Practice


The annual Quality in Care Excellence in Oncology awards recognise, reward and share good practice in UK cancer management, education and care. This article explores...

A place of their own

03 September 2008

Nursing Standard

General article

Teenagers and young adults with cancer have specific care requirements. The charity Teenage Cancer Trust works to address these needs.

Developing a support service for teenage and young adult cancer survivors with osteonecrosis

11 July 2017

Cancer Nursing Practice

Evidence & practice

Osteonecrosis is a recently established side effect of teenage and young adult (TYA) cancer, caused by the increasing use of corticosteroids in some treatment...