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Establishing a prostate cancer support group

01 February 2005

Cancer Nursing Practice


Whilst in the UK, there has been no shortage of breast cancer support groups for women, there are comparatively few support groups for men with prostate cancer,...

Function of cancer support groups: a telephone survey

02 October 2009

Cancer Nursing Practice


Aim The aim of this study was to collect preliminary data on the structure and function of face-to-face support groups for people affected by cancer. Method A...

Exploring the issues of men and self-injury

01 June 2010

Mental Health Practice


The issues raised by self-harm in men are under considered and under-researched. This article explores these issues from the perspective of ‘Andy’, whose name has...

An alternative approach to support group growth and development

08 October 2014

Cancer Nursing Practice

Art & Science

Support groups often require help to perpetuate their success, keep to clear objectives and reach out to new members. This article describes the development of an...

Painful delays

29 August 2006

Nursing Standard

General article

Delays in reporting symptoms and in referral to a gynaecologist may result in women enduring the symptoms of endometriosis for a considerable time.