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The hurtfulness of a diagnosis: user research about personality disorder

01 June 2001

Mental Health Practice

Users’ views

This paper aims to highlight service users’ views regarding the diagnosis of personality disorder (PD). We believe this study is unique in that, as far as we are...

Practice development in cancer care: self-help for men with testicular cancer

30 August 2000

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article describes a joint initiative between health professionals and men who had had testicular cancer to set up a self-help group. The aims of this group...

A psycho-educational support group for women with ovarian cancer

01 November 2003

Cancer Nursing Practice


It has been suggested that group psychological support can have advantages over individual counselling for cancer patients, and that they prefer such groups to be...

An alternative approach to support group growth and development

08 October 2014

Cancer Nursing Practice

Art & Science

Support groups often require help to perpetuate their success, keep to clear objectives and reach out to new members. This article describes the development of an...

Behavioural activation: self-help options for depression

07 November 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Mental health professionals are increasingly expected to deliver evidence-based psychological therapies for common mental health problems. Behavioural activation...

Service users, authority, power and protest: A call for renewed activism

01 December 2007

Mental Health Practice


The ‘service user movement’ is commonly understood to have its inception during the 1960s, a period which saw unprecedented interest in and collective action to...

Improving the mental health care of prisoners

10 May 2012

Mental Health Practice


A high proportion of prisoners have mental health problems. There is a need to structure, resource and support robust mental health services in prison that can...

Nurturing resilience in the recession

25 August 2009

Nursing Standard


The stresses of job insecurity and redundancy asa result of the recession can increase rates of anxiety and depression.

All day long

21 August 2007

Nursing Standard


Hyperemesis, severe and excessive vomiting during pregnancy, is a distressing condition that can require hospital treatment. One hospital has set up a dedicated,...

Non-pharmacological treatments for patients with depression

16 October 2013

Nursing Standard


Depression is a common mental health disorder. People with physical health problems are at increased risk of depression, which adversely affects quality of life,...