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Support needs of patients with a diagnosis of follicular lymphoma

09 April 2010

Cancer Nursing Practice


Follicular lymphoma is the second most common sub-type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Although rarely considered curable, this indolent lymphoma typically follows a...

Practical experience with rituximab subcutaneous

08 October 2015

Cancer Nursing Practice


Treatment regimens involving the monoclonal anti-CD20 antibody rituximab are the standard of care for patients with CD20-positive non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). It has...

An overview of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

11 February 2014

Cancer Nursing Practice


Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a heterogeneous group of lymphoproliferative malignancies with differing patterns of behaviour and responses to treatment. Chemotherapy,...

Lymphoma network

26 July 2005

Nursing Standard


While some cancers get a great deal of media coverage, lymphoma is something of the poor relation, although there are about 11,000 new cases a year in the UK. Gill...