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Living with disability

01 June 2006

Learning Disability Practice

Practice & research

Parenting a child with severe learning disabilities can bring about many challenges for the parents and their families. These aspects have driven the research agenda...

Supporting the parents of adolescents with conduct disorder

01 October 2002

Paediatric Nursing


Behavioural problems in adolescent girls are on the increase and the resulting cost is also rising (Silverthorn and Frick 1999). Outcomes are poor, as there is a...

Positive parenting: A sure start for children?

01 November 2001

Paediatric Nursing


Parenting could be considered the most important public health issue in society. It is implicated as the single most significant variable in such areas as childhood...

Parental responsibility: preparing for the change in the law

01 February 2004

Paediatric Nursing


Changes in law relating to parental responsibility come into force this year (2004). It will be easier for step-parents to obtain parental responsibility and some...

Parenting and people with learning disabilities

06 October 2008

Learning Disability Practice


On a recent community placement, I had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth (not her real name). Her story and that of her family need to be brought to a wider...

Fertility issues in patients with cancer

01 February 2002

Cancer Nursing Practice


Patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment need a great deal of support and information to better cope with and understand their treatment. Despite the potentially...

assessing parenting skills when working with parents with learning disabilities

01 May 2005

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

Growing numbers of people with learning disabilities are now choosing to live an ‘ordinary life’ and have children (Booth and Booth 1994). Meanwhile, the number of...

ADHD and its impact on family life

01 June 2005

Mental Health Practice


ADHD is one of the most common disorders of childhood and adolescence (Guevara 2001). It is a complex problem, as there are various types and the condition may...

Family nursing and parents who have a learning disability

01 March 2006

Paediatric Nursing

Rights and ethics

Parents who have learning difficulties pose profound questions to the philosophy and practice of family nursing. Failure to recognise how care delivery needs to...

The benefits of baby massage

01 March 2005

Paediatric Nursing


Over many years a number of reports have linked health problems to low socio-economic status (Benzeval et al 1996, Townsend and Davidson 1988). Sure Start, a UK-wide...