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Challenges facing public health

27 May 2014

Primary Health Care


Improving the public’s health is at the forefront of health and social care policy. We know that the population is ageing with people increasingly coping with...

Immunisation – keeping the focus

25 November 2014

Primary Health Care


The Department of Health and Public Health England nursing teams held a week of action between November 17 and 21. The week included a range of interactive...

Pushing the boundaries

29 May 2015

Primary Health Care


Health services face unprecedented challenges over the coming years. A growing population and people living longer with long-term medical conditions and complex...

It is crucial to bankroll children’s public health

29 August 2017

Primary Health Care


It makes moral ethical and economic sense for any society to invest in children and young people’s health and well-being. Unicef (2013) provides evidence for the...

Nurses’ role in public health

25 February 2016

Primary Health Care


All UK government policies emphasise the importance of improving public health. There is a greater need to help people, not only to live longer, but also to stay...

MenB vaccine leads the way

30 March 2016

Primary Health Care


The Meningococcal B vaccine was added to the childhood immunisation programme in September 2015 and is offered to all babies born on or after May 1 2015.

Better food labelling is no substitute for services

31 October 2018

Nursing Standard


What we eat is both central to our health and well-being and very much part of our social culture. But the amount and types of food we consume are contributing to an...

Stop blaming the anti-vax bogeyman

02 October 2019

Nursing Standard


In 2017 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the UK measles free. Last month, it had no option but to withdraw that status. This downgrade was possibly...

Immunisation: Changes in the UK for Children and Young People

01 November 2013

Nursing Children and Young People

Art & Science

Vaccination programmes are implemented either in response to a specific situation, or as new vaccines become available or evidence about them accumulates....

Domestic abuse: what you need to know

23 November 2016

Nursing Standard


Despite increased recognition of domestic abuse in recent years, it often remains hidden. While some healthcare professionals are aware of abuse and have a good...