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Leadership in a time of change

15 February 2011

Nursing Standard

Career development

The Florence Nightingale Foundation is renowned for its competitive scholarship scheme. This year the foundation hosts its first national conference, one year after...

This is a time for trailblazing not ‘dumbing down’ our profession

06 January 2016

Nursing Standard


So Health Education England and the Department of Health are developing a ‘nursing associate’ role (News, December 9). I feel this suggests ‘dumbing down’ of our...

New job title blurs boundaries and will confuse the public

17 February 2016

Nursing Standard


In response to the consultation on the introduction of a nursing associate role (News, February 3), I believe it is ill-advised to include the word ‘nurse’ in the...

Relaxing FtP sanctions has risky implications

08 July 2020

Nursing Standard


Actions taken by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in response to COVID-19, including the decision to open a new part of the register for nurses and midwives...

Role of careers advisers in nurse recruitment

01 March 2013

Nursing Management

Art & Science

The aim of the national Image of Nursing programme is to attract high calibre recruits to nursing. This article describes research into the role of careers advisers...

Safeguarding vulnerable adults

21 May 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article explores some of the issues surrounding safeguarding vulnerable adults, examines some of the related legislation and literature, and outlines the...

Support for practitioners switching work environments mid-career

30 December 2011

Nursing Management


Patterns of healthcare demand are changing, so services are increasingly being located in communities. Nurses and nurse managers must. Therefore, prepare themselves...