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Open AccessA beginner’s guide to ethnographic observation in nursing research

22 March 2017

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background Observation is mentioned in most ethnographic textbooks, but specific details about how it should be conducted and the practicalities to be considered in...

Implementing fundamental care in clinical practice

05 April 2017

Nursing Standard


Modern healthcare environments are becoming increasingly complex. Delivering high-quality fundamental care in these environments is challenging for nurses and has...

Role of effective nurse-patient relationships in enhancing patient safety

02 August 2017

Nursing Standard


Ensuring and maintaining patient safety is an essential aspect of care provision. Safety is a multidimensional concept, which incorporates interrelated elements such...

Developing effective and caring nurse-patient relationships

08 March 2017

Nursing Standard


Establishing positive and trusting therapeutic relationships with patients has long been recognised as an essential component of nursing practice and is important...