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Diabetes terminology and laws relating to driving

09 April 2008

Nursing Standard


I think it is important to refer to two matters of accuracy from the Time out activities for ‘Ocular complications associated with diabetes mellitus’ (learning zone...

Gestational Diabetes: Your Survival Guide to Diabetes in Pregnancy

18 January 2017

Nursing Standard

Book Review

Gestational diabetes is one of the most common pregnancy complications, and this book is aimed at women who have developed the condition.

Effective management of hypoglycaemia

26 July 2018

Nursing Standard


Hypoglycaemia is a potentially serious complication of diabetes mellitus in which an individual’s blood glucose drops to dangerously low levels. This can cause signs...

Understanding the principles of insulin use in type 1 and type 2 diabetes management

30 December 2020

Nursing Standard


The year 2021 marks 100 years since the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of insulin as a medical treatment for diabetes mellitus. Its discovery changed type 1 diabetes...