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A good investment

31 August 2011

Nursing Management


We have come a long way from the days when primary care in the UK could be represented by an image of a solo doctor tending to the needs of ‘his’ patients. This...

Metrics for nursing

05 December 2008

Nursing Management


HEALTH MINISTER Lord Darzi’s Next Stage Review (Department of Health (DH) 2008a, 2008b) has committed the NHS to the quality measurement of the compassion of...

Staffing levels and patient outcomes

25 October 2009

Nursing Management


There is considerable evidence of an association between nurse staffing levels and patient outcomes. The evidence has been used to support calls for mandatory...

Going metric

01 April 2010

Nursing Older People


THE SUMMER of 2008 saw publication of the Darzi report, which focused on a framework to ensure that the quality of care delivered throughout the NHS in England moved...

Evidence shows high-calibre nurses are an investment in safety

08 April 2015

Nursing Standard


James Smith is critical of June Clark’s argument for mandatory nurse-patient ratios (letters April 1), citing a single study published in the Journal of Advanced...

No cheap substitutes

15 June 2016

Nursing Standard


The Nuffield Trust report on reshaping the healthcare workforce was published last month. Its conclusions were widely reported as a recommendation to ‘train up’...

In search of answers

18 April 2012

Nursing Standard


Defining nursing research is a complex task. Is it research about nursing practice? Or is it research that is carried out by nurses? If it is the latter, what about...

The best way to fix a shortage of nurses is to have more nurses

09 January 2019

Nursing Standard


We all know the NHS is desperately short of nurses. The number of nursing vacancies is close to 40,000 – about one in eight posts.

How a focus on outcomes can help gauge quality

08 July 2010

Cancer Nursing Practice


The Darzi report (2008) focused on a framework to ensure that the quality of care provided throughout the NHS in England moved towards uniform excellence. As part of...

The metrics of care

27 January 2009

Nursing Standard

Career development

One of the commitments made in the NHS Next Stage Review concerns the use of quality indicators that reflect the compassion, safety and effectiveness of health care.