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An acute problem

01 August 1991

Elderly Care

Royal College of Nursing

Elderly people are major users of hospital services, with some 45per cent of acute hospital beds said to be occupied by those over 65 years. Maguire et al (1)...

Blackpool illuminated

01 May 1989

Elderly Care

RCN congress report

An initial reaction to the agenda papers, received in February, was disappointment - only one of the Association for Care of the Elderly’s resolutions had been...

Care of the Elderly Patient Council of Health Care Technology Forum

01 February 1991

Elderly Care

Book Review

Care of the Elderly Patient: Policy Issues and Research Opportunities is the record of a symposium sponsored by the Council of Health Care Technology in the USA held...

Nursing developments: trust nurses’ views

01 February 1995

Nursing Management


Nurse executives are concerned that role extension under the New Deal for junior doctors could disastrously dilute nursing’s core bedside skills.

Thoughts on nursing

22 November 1989

Nursing Standard

Supplement care of the elderly

Nurses working with elderly people have grown not only in competence but also in status within the profession. This is due not only to the pioneering work undertaken...

UKCC needs teeth to whistleblow

07 August 1991

Nursing Standard


I must respond to your report ‘UKCC to press ahead with its proposals', (Nursing Standard News, July 24), on the Council’s quest for greater legal powers for its...

Nursing developments: trust nurses’ views

25 January 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical professional developments

Innovations in nursing require strong management. In this survey, the author sought the views of trust nurse executives on how the ideas of the UKCCs The Scope of...

Don’t relax with sex-mix patients

12 January 1994

Nursing Standard


Jackie De Rochas quite rightly referred to the anxiety caused to many people allocated to mixed sex wards, ‘particularly adults and senior citizens who find this...

ACE in action

01 December 1990

Elderly Care

Royal college of nursing

The White Papers which led to the 1990 NHS and Community Care Act were called ‘Caring for People’ and ‘Working for Patients’, which might well imply that patients...

Using a communication tool to help clients express their health concerns

10 November 2010

Learning Disability Practice


Communication impairment, learning disability and mental health needs can limit people’s ability to have meaningful consultations with medical practitioners, who are...