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Human rights and Europe confused

13 August 1997

Nursing Standard


Liz Thorpe and Helen Laverty (Opinion August 6) seem to misunderstand the position on research and patient consent in Europe.

Persistent vegetative state: ethical issues for nursing

20 November 1996

Nursing Standard


The issue of nursing involvement in the care of patients in a vegetative state has become particularly pressing recently, with the decision of the Scottish courts to...

Exams count

29 April 1998

Nursing Standard


ACADEMIC qualifications alone will not make a good nurse, but that is not the same as saying you don’t have to be clever to be a nurse. I believe that someone who...

Demonstrating dignity

18 November 2008

Nursing Standard


The concept of dignity is commonly used by nurses, but not widely understood. Here the concept is unravelled and its importance to good nursing care is explained.

Observation and the research process

18 July 1990

Nursing Standard

Clinical research

A psychologist once remarked ‘If you want to know what someone thinks, ask him.’ He might also have said ‘If you want to know what people do, go and watch them.’ You...

Abolishing extended roles

01 November 1989

Nursing Standard


My congratulations on the new look Nursing Standard. It really is a great improvement.

Informatics for the uninitiated

03 July 1991

Nursing Standard

Feature Information Technology

The term 'informatics' may be new to many UK nurses. It may also provoke a negative response from some people who suspect it is one more piece of jargon from the...

The ethical divide

01 October 2005

Nursing Standard

General article

Ethics is an area of growing interest in nursing and is a compulsory part of nurse education. Yet record numbers of nurses are being removed from the register and...

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: nurses and the law

03 October 2007

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article updates nurses on the laws governing cardiopulmonary resuscitation in relation to patients who have capacity at the time of admission to hospital, and...

Ethical aspects of withdrawing and withholding treatment

25 April 2007

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Decisions about withdrawing and withholding treatment are common in health care. During almost every encounter between health professionals and patients a decision...