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Treating ST-elevation myocardial infarction

10 June 2016

Emergency Nurse

Art & Science

Treatment of patients with acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) has moved from thrombolysis to primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PPCI) over the...

Onwards and upwards

26 January 2010

Nursing Standard

Careers & Jobs

Managing a promotion can be a stressful experience, as well as cause for celebration.

Working through your emotions

01 December 2009

Nursing Standard

Careers development

Emotional labour is a term often used when referring to emotionally taxing situations that have a corresponding drain on emotional energy.

Build an effective team

31 March 2009

Nursing Standard

Careers & jobs

All nurses will work as part of a team at some point in their careers, however loosely or close-knit, well functioning or malfunctioning it may be.

Measures to stop the rot

09 June 2009

Nursing Standard

General Article

Most professionals have experienced a ‘bad apple’ in the team, someone who fails to pull their weight, is aggressive or bullying, frequently pessimistic and violates...

Essential care

23 February 2010

Nursing Standard

Careers & Jobs

The NHS grew out of the ideal that good health care should be available for all. Although there have been great efforts to improve the patient experience, few have...

Learning disabilities

18 July 2006

Nursing Standard

Learning zone assessment

As a person-centred planning facilitator at Mencap, my role is to support adults with learning disabilities. This includes identifying their health needs and aiding...

Promoting healthy ageing: the importance of lifestyle

18 January 2011

Nursing Standard

Learning zone continuing professional development

The UK has a rapidly ageing population with increased healthcare needs. While the population can, on the whole, look forward to longer years of good health, many...

A workplace menace

29 June 2010

Nursing Standard

General article

Loneliness, loss of confidence, anxiety, reduced motivation and, at worst, suicidal thoughts are symptoms of bullying. Some might believe that bullying is confined...

Offer a guiding hand

08 March 2011

Nursing Standard

General article

When the health secretary Andrew Lansley declared that the government would be using ‘nudges’ to change health-related behaviour, what did the majority of people...