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Nursing still a growing profession

06 November 1996

Nursing Standard


I do not share the concern expressed about difficulty in appointing nurses to professor posts, and feel that phrases such as ‘University forced to appoint non-nurse’...

First page of the book

25 July 2000

Nursing Standard

Perspectives: opinion

The completion of the first draft of the human genome marks a significant achievement to decipher the 'book of humanity'. However, it is important to recognise that...

Insuring against discrimination

25 October 2000

Nursing Standard


On Friday October 13 the health department announced that insurance companies may use the results from genetic tests for Huntington's disease to assess actuarial...

Tin can alley

28 September 1994

Nursing Standard


As a student nurse, a phrase that I frequently encountered in the nursing notes on various wards was ‘Patient anxious/afraid/uncertain... counselling given’. It...

The role of genetic factors in maintaining health

05 October 2005

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article reviews the essential background information nurses need to help them understand how genetics influences health and ill-health. The typical human...

Introduction to the genetics series

14 September 2005

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article provides a brief introduction to a seven-week series of articles that are underpinned by a competence-based genetics education framework. The series of...

A life of dedication

22 June 1994

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint public image

Dedication is a fundamental aspect of nursing practice. Certainly, the adjective is seldom left out from any description of nurses by the popular press. So it is...

Introduction to genetics and genomics:a revised framework for nurses

23 October 2013

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The genetics education framework for nurses first published in 2003 has been revised to reflect advances in genomic research and technology and its implications for...

Genetics for beginners

16 June 2004

Nursing Standard


GENETICS - MOST health professionals think they know what it means. But how can we make sure that nurses, midwives and health visitors translate advances in genetics...

Providing nursing care and support to individuals and families with genetic/genomic healthcare needs

18 December 2013

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This is the final article in a series looking at how nurses can develop confidence and competence in genetics and genomics health care. This article focuses on the...