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Creating experts

02 March 2015

Nursing Older People


IT IS 10am on a busy ward in a London hospital; call bells are going off, a patient is calling out for a glass of water and relatives are seeking an update on their...

An exciting addition to the healthcare workforce

24 January 2018

Nursing Standard


Just over a year ago, the first cohort of trainee nursing associates started on their training journey.

Take charge of learning

27 April 2011

Nursing Standard


Nursing students sometimes suspect that they are not always learning as much as they could on placements, yet on-site training accounts for half of the entire...

Acting on feedback

04 January 2012

Nursing Standard


Improving the patient experience was an aspiration adopted by the previous Labour government and is endorsed by the present coalition.

Off to a flying start

04 May 2010

Nursing Standard

Career development

Building confidence is an essential part of the transition from nursing student to qualified practitioner.

Huge Strides on reversing decline in health visitor numbers

24 April 2013

Nursing Standard


We read with concern your news story, ‘Number of health visitor recruits falls below government target’ (April 10).